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Where are the studios?

We have a studio located in downtown Ogden on 32nd and Washington, and 803 N 1250 W ste #3 in Centerville. 


Is there an age limit?

No Maximum age limit- you're NEVER too old! As far as children go, we have a Kairos Kids program and are in the process of creating additional classes specifically for kids ages 5-12. We also welcome children to attend any class with parental supervison (except black light and black light II which are for 18+ ONLY)


I'm out of shape. Do I need to get fit before trying circus & pole?

ABSOLUTELY NOT!! Fitness is fitness! And we are here for it- but mostly for the fun! We not only have beginner classes for each type of circus and pole offered; we also offer several types of group and dance classes that will help you tone up and build endurance. Our staff is highly trained in beginner level curriculum, and can modify anything to fit your specific needs. Plus, you're perfect the way you are!


When are classes?

We offer classes Monday-Thursday evenings. We also offer classes on Saturday and Sunday mornings. We have over 75 classes a week! Please see our full schedule, available on the mindbody site, and sign up today! *Make sure you are clicking on the studio location you wish to sign up for! We have 2 locations and memberships DO NOT transfer.


Can men come? 

Men and all genders are more than welcome to all classes and they can be prepared to work hard!              




It seems really scary. I don't know if I can do it/will fit in.

Kairos is a huge family! If there is one thing we can promise you, it is an instant family and friendship in our safe and bully-free environment. The classes may seem intimidating at first, but you will be so surprised at what your body is capable of! Our staff is extensively trained in safety and spotting procedures and you will never be asked to perform anything beyond your skill level or out of your comfort zone. You will never be in danger or unsafe. 

What do I wear? 

NO lotions or oils EVER to classes because they make it more difficult to interact with the apparatus. If possible, please avoid these the day of class. NO jewelry - it damages our equipment and can cause a safety issue to you as the student. 


Pole Attire: Shorts, volleyball length preferred, and a tank top or t-shirt. A dance or sports bra will be most comfortable. No shoes for fitness classes, and heels or bare feet for black light and black light dance. 

Aerial (Circus) Attire: Leggings and a leotard or snug fitting top are preferred for these classes. You will want your knees covered. Bare feet. 

Group Fitness Attire: Any comfortable workout clothing is acceptable here. Clean non-marking athletic shoes only, or bare feet. 


Yoga Attire: Any comfortable workout clothing is acceptable. Yoga slippers, socks or bare feet only. 


Standing Acro Attire:: Any workout clothing acceptable. Form fitting with layers will be the safest. Yoga shoes, socks, or bare feet. NO SHOES ALLOWED. 


What is the open Gym ONLY pass?

The open gym ONLY pass is for our friends and students that are currently training on their own and wish to only attend open gym time slots. These are slots that are NOT instructor lead and are to work on your personal progress. This pass is not recommended for beginners. 

Does my unlimited membership include Open Gym times?

YES! Any pass is eligible to attend an open gym time. Unlimited passes are able to attend as many open gym times as they want. Limited passes and punch passes are subject to using on of their "punches" to attend. We do have the option to purchase open gym single hours for a discounted price. 

How much are classes? 

The more you come, the cheaper the class! You can buy a single class, or an unlimited class membership. See our Pricing page or speak with the receptionist to find the right plan for you. 


How do I know if I am ready to move up to the next level in class?

If you feel like you are ready to advance, please see your instructors. They will help you determine if you are ready. 


Do you offer private parties? 

We do!! See our private party page for details and scheduling; we offer parties for all ages and all occasions! 


What about private lessons?

Most of our instructors offer private lessons in their field. Their prices vary; inquire with desired instructor. There is a $15/hour minimum studio rental fee for studio use during private lessons. This ensures that you will have at least 1 rig point or 2 poles for your training time. 


I have a performance/event/show coming up. Can I rent the studio?" 

The studio rental fee is $15-$40/hour per room rented. Call or email the studio at least 24 hours in advance to schedule. Requests made at short notice are not guaranteed. 


Can I do a photoshoot at the studio?

Yes!! You will need to reach out to studio management at or 385-244-7163 and we can get you scheduled. Pricing starts at $50/hour depending on the purpose and intent of the photoshoot. 

Can I cancel my contract or put it on hold?

We will gladly hold your contract for any medical necessity. A doctor's note may be required. We will grant expectant mothers a 6 week maternity contract hold. Early cancellation of a monthly contract is subject to a 75% of contract balance cancellation fee. Passes and memberships are non-refundable. 


What is the late cancel and no show policy?

A late cancel fee will be applied when a student reserves a spot in a class and then cancels their reservation 2 hours or sooner before a class begins, the fee is $5. A no show fee will be applied when a student reserves a spot in class and does not show up in class, the fee is $8. Per our insurance and safety policies. No students will be allowed to take class if they arrive 10 minutes after the start of class time. This is a hard rule with no exceptions. We care very much about the safety of our students bodies and will not compromise them. Class pass or punch may be returned depending on the frequency of late show, how late the student showed and other mitigating factors. 


Please email us at for further details. Be sure to drop by during business hours for a tour of either of our facilities. We look forward to having you in the circus family! 

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