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We offer a wide variety of classes in the world of aerial arts and pole dance. This list is just a sampling of the many classes we currently offer. For the full list of classes being taught this week, their descriptions, instructors and detailed schedule, please visit us on Mindbody Connect.


Aerial Foundations

***This is a required class before moving up to any of our regular aerial courses***
Aerial Foundations is an integral class in introducing students to all the different aerial apparatuses that Kairos has at the studio: fabric, hammock, hoop, and trapeze. This class focuses on building the unique strength and conditioning required for succeeding in your aerial journey!

Instructors will spend time strengthening grip, hip flexors, abdominals, and upper body. This class will also spend time conditioning the pressure points a student will encounter when working with an apparatus in their arm pits, elbows, hip flexors, and knees. Laying a foundation is an important step in any students progress and this class will help poise everyone for a successful future here at Kairos!


Intro to Pole Fitness

This is the class every beginning pole student should take. We will talk about what to wear, safety precautions, and learn basic pole curriculum including basic inverts, climbing, and spins! Be prepared to learn some short and fun combos and have lots of fun! Regular gym attire (shorts, sports bra with a tank or T-shirt is great). Please NO jewelry and  do NOT lotion your legs or hands however. Thanks!

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Our yoga room is heated to allow for a deeper release and to avoid injury. The Hot Yoga class is recommended for everyone, from first day beginners to advanced students. The magic of this class is that everyone is practicing the same posture at different levels of ability, receiving the same benefits. There is an exact position for everyone at every level, which our trained instructors will help you find.


Be Bendy

The lovely and most bendable will lead you through a great flexibility class that will push your limbs to their limits. If you want to be a more pretty pole/aerial dancer, flexibility is a must. An all levels class with our knowledgeable instructors; they will safely and effectively help you push your body to its flexibility limits.


Intermediate Pole

Intermediate Pole is strength building and conditioning. Students will learn inverts and shoulder mounts, both from the ground and aerial. Basic inverted moves and shorts combos. Must be able to safely climb to the top of the pole, must be able to hold chopper for 3-5 seconds in order to take Intermediate Pole.


Advanced Pole

This class will be focusing on transitions, building endurance. Students will learn/working on long combos, power moves and/or contortion moves. Students must be able to aerial invert and shoulder mount, be competent in leg and body witches and be comfortable with less points of contact on the pole. 

All Things Hand Springs

Pole class for level 2 and up. In this class students will learn the fundamentals of handspings including grip variations leg positions, and transitions to and from handsprings. Students will also learn lifts into handsprings from the floor and pole, and levetation poses. This class can be very simple for the introductory level handspringer or very challenging for the fearless advanced poler.



This class is for you if you are recovering from injury, postpartum, need more time before passing off, don't have an invert, or don't want to invert.
In this class you will learn tricks, choreo and low flow. Master the magic of pole without an invert.

** All Levels welcome, must be comfortable climbing theories.**

Silks 1.5

In this aerial silks class we will explore creativity with new climbs and foot lock combos. To attend this class you will need to be comfortable tying foot locks into split and climb to the top of the silk. Please wear leggings/tights and a fitted shirt. Please do not wear jewelry or clothing with sequins, rhinestones or zippers.


Silks 2.0

In this aerial silks class we will work on endurance, personal style and combos. To attend this class you should be comfortable with inverts, hip keys and egg beaters. Wear leggings/tights and a fitted shirt.


Silks 2.5

In this aerial silks class we will create and explore combos with drops and spins. To attend this class you should be comfortable doing an invert and hip key after climbing the silk. Wear leggings/tights and a fitted shirt. Please do not wear jewelry or clothing with the following: sequins, rhinestones or zippers.


Aerial Hoop 

Aerial Hoop is a 1.5/2.0 level class where you will discover combos and transitions, mounts, and holds on the steel apparatuses. Students should be comfortable with at least 2 types of mounts and 2 types of holds for advancement to this class. Please wear form fitting clothing, socks if desired. No jewelry, rhinestones, bulky zippers or shoes. 


Hammock 1.5

This hammock class will introduce you to drops, aerial inverts and combos. To attend this class you will need to be comfortable with mounts, standing in the fabric and the circus sit. Wear tights/leggings and a fitted shirt. Please do not wear jewelry or clothing with any of the following: Sequins, rhinestones or zippers.


Hammock 2.0

This hammock class is designed to build endurance and challenge your creativity. To attend this class you must be able to do an aerial invert. Wear leggings/tights and a fitted shirt. Please do not wear jewelry or clothing with any of the following: Sequins, rhinestones or zippers. Must attend Hammock 1.5

Black Light I & II & Chair Dancing 

Venture into the sexy side of pole and dance. In this class we’ll be learning sensual, naughty, and sexy moves done in the dark with black lights. This class is a confidence building, incredible workout that will leave you wanting more.  All levels welcome ( See instructor for Black Light II). Heels not required but encouraged and leg warmers or socks to protect those knees. Come prepared to have the most fun dancing possible, and don't forget your UV reactive clothing! This class is for people 18 years and older. No exceptions. Anyone who is willing to participate in this class is welcome to attend. This is a safe space for all! 

Standing Acro 

Standing acrobatics will focus on circus, dance, and cheer style lifts. It is a fun, high energy class with a strong focus on safety. This class will help build both strength and trust in a supportive community environment. All levels and ages are welcome. No Partner required! 

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